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Hola~ I'm Francisca Alday and my English is really bad.

Doodles, doodles and more doodles. Kaito too.


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i started this like… way back in january or something and always put off finishing it until now. 

as you can see i was playing around with colors and stylization, hehe

once a zelink fan, always a zelink fan <3

Asker oriririetc Asks:
Uno sabe que eres chilena... Cuando ven a Gon y Pitou bailando cueca ahaha x'DDD
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Oh… OHHHH lo había olvidado hahaha

I was drawing TP Zelda with Rosalina’s clothes and I like it! I love Zelda with light blue color ~


scribbled palm
yeah hxh anime ended today
yeah i’m empty

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oH DIOS, ERES DE CHILE <3 . Tus dibujos son preciosos , me encantan ;__; . Juraba que eras de Gringolandia y no de la patria querida ~
alderion-al alderion-al Said:


¡Gracias! Varios juran que soy de otro planeta hasta que ven… qué cosa es lo que ven para darse cuenta de que soy chilena? jaja


Fi’s human form doodle (?

I don’t usually write in public about my life or my thoughts therefore I don’t know exactly what to say right now but first, I want to apologize for not reply the asks from last month and this one, for those who cares about sending good messages about my arts and I’m not even able to say thanks, I’m truly sorry :(

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Doodles from my twitter - Don’t forget to smile Gon! Be happy!

My submission for the Fanbook HxH: On a Venatic Path, ^ ^
Here's a list of the participants ~~

I’m really tired of the color pink.
This is like a redesign of the first Zelda (? I want to believe that it wasn’t a lost of time but.. oh my, the pink color just saturated myself, I can’t say more than this haha ( but it was fun)

… The flower in Ganondorf’s armor issss cute.

Asker momo-niu Asks:
Has dibujado a Ghirahim♥?? Me intriga mucho el saber como se ve con tu hermoso arte y dhahfjdshjkfdsa!!!
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Nunca, pero si lo dibujara creo que sería algo así (?

I started drawing this after watching the trailer of Link with the gauntlets - he looks so happy with his new toy - … after drawing it my lap died but thanks to my mother who lent me her lap I finished it!