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Hola~ I'm Francisca Alday and my English is really bad.

Doodles, doodles and more doodles. Kaito too.


GonKillu, Pitokai, MeruemxKomugi

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The Legend of Zelda ~♥
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Awesome job on the Hyrule Warriors comics! I laughed my butt off at both. Is it likely we're going to see a comic for ruto and darunia making it in game too, or is the next comic for another info-leak? Keep up the great work, your art is very impressive!!
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Thanks~ I wanted to draw the continuation with the info from last week, drawing Link from Hyrule warriors stealing the clothes to the hero of time, I also wanted to include Sheik from Hyrule Warriors, Ruto, the Cuccos and more but I can’t, my lap is dead!

Asker samisasi Asks:
You are perfect, I love your Zelda magazine, I LOVE HORNY SS ZELDA! Jeeeez she is everything I am... She is perfect, I needed that
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Thank you so much! Pretty sure I’m going to draw more horny ss zelda. I was waiting for the Hyrule Warrios news and the oot DLC Link and Zelda costumes for drawing the “comic”. But my lap is dead and I’m not sure when I’m going to draw it! *cries*

Kokiri are definitely my favorite zelda race (and saria is one of my favorite characters ♥♥♥ ).

I think I’m posting this a bit late but ….I don’t care. Well , this is the second part of this (???

…I’m sorry for the FUCKING SIZE

I try to watch episode 135 but I can’t ; ; nooooooooooOOOOOOO

Me pasé para ser tan floja - para dibujar

( `◟ 、)

She is beautiful //// and think she looks a bit like my Palm Fucking Siberia - chimera - ahh

Asker links-butt Asks:
Wow I've seen so much of your art floating around tumblr but I've never clicked your blog and didn't realise they were all from you. Tu arte es bien lindo! Especialmente los the Zelda :3
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Oh thank you so much dear, :3 HUG

I was thinking about drawing some Zelda TP vs Zelda HW drawings but in the process of designing an armor for Zelda TP I faced one of my problems…I can’t choose the best one and I’m not good at armors! Therefore I decided to discard the idea haha



because Palm protecting Komugi is adorable

(via hunter-x-ladies)

blah blah blaah

Hello, I just found your blog and I LOVE your art! Especially your Legend of Zelda pieces. =3 I just wondered if you do commissions? I look forward to hearing from you! - Cara
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Hello Cara, thanks you for sending this. I’m going to open commissions soon, please wait until I upload my price table, :3