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I don’t usually write in public about my life or my thoughts therefore I don’t know exactly what to say right now but first, I want to apologize for not reply the asks from last month and this one, for those who cares about sending good messages about my arts and I’m not even able to say thanks, I’m truly sorry :(

 In August I wanted to upload a lot of new drawings but… I think I’m a positive person who doesn’t affect negative stuff, I always smile and I’m very optimistic and it’s not because I want to show that I’m strong, I’m just like this. My dog was very ill in May and since then she has been under treatments. I don’t know which month is in other countries but here, August is the worst month for old (humans and dogs too). When August ends we usually say “Pasé Agosto!” -“I passed August” (it’s a way to say “I survived the worst month of the year”) and I wanted to say this for my dog… she was even worst ( I stayed next to her all the days, that’s why I didn’t finish drawings and after a week with the same drawing it was so boring for me). Titi – my dog - and we spend a lot of great moments and sad ones together; she wasn’t only hunger, she passed for a lot of many things just like us and she was very happy after we stabilize years ago. I didn’t realize until now that she was a really important part of our lives and now that she’s gone it’s like a part of us died too, everything went with her. It’s a part of our lives that doesn’t embarrassed us, it strengthened us, I have no idea how to explain it, I don’t know if there will be someone who understands me… Before my dog died we were all together in the house - is quite strange because my father works at the weekend and my sister doesn’t live here), when she stopped breathing everybody was crying, except myself. I didn’t want them to see me crying for everything that I already say but also because once, my mom and my other sister saw me crying -after reading a “letter” - and they also started to cry (because they saw me and it was really weird haha), I didn’t know what would happened if they saw me but, now I think that not crying that day wasn’t a really good idea. Now I’m really scared to go to the kitchen at night because I want to open the door and check my dog, and I know that she is not here…

But anyway, now I’m better and I can continue my unfinished drawings and upload more ~

Oh wait, let me explain this before I forget. A week before Titi died there was a videogame event (I think is one of the most important/biggest events of South America) All the tickets were sold out so I tough that buying a cheap ticket and play Super Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors was totally impossible but the last day of this event, a former high school classmate won two tickets in a raffle and she invited me! IT WAS SO AMAZING! I didn’t pay and I played SSB – I lost – and Hyrule Warriors yeessssssss and now I’ve a reusable shopping bag of skyward sword??? I’m going to buy bread to Skyloft! (??

Thanks for reading :’)


Doodles from my twitter - Don’t forget to smile Gon! Be happy!

My submission for the Fanbook HxH: On a Venatic Path, ^ ^
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I’m really tired of the color pink.
This is like a redesign of the first Zelda (? I want to believe that it wasn’t a lost of time but.. oh my, the pink color just saturated myself, I can’t say more than this haha ( but it was fun)

… The flower in Ganondorf’s armor issss cute.

Asker momo-niu Asks:
Has dibujado a Ghirahim♥?? Me intriga mucho el saber como se ve con tu hermoso arte y dhahfjdshjkfdsa!!!
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Nunca, pero si lo dibujara creo que sería algo así (?

I started drawing this after watching the trailer of Link with the gauntlets - he looks so happy with his new toy - … after drawing it my lap died but thanks to my mother who lent me her lap I finished it!

Kokiri are definitely my favorite zelda race (and saria is one of my favorite characters ♥♥♥ ).

I think I’m posting this a bit late but ….I don’t care. Well , this is the second part of this (???

…I’m sorry for the FUCKING SIZE

I try to watch episode 135 but I can’t ; ; nooooooooooOOOOOOO

Me pasé para ser tan floja - para dibujar

( `◟ 、)

She is beautiful //// and think she looks a bit like my Palm Fucking Siberia - chimera - ahh

Asker links-butt Asks:
Wow I've seen so much of your art floating around tumblr but I've never clicked your blog and didn't realise they were all from you. Tu arte es bien lindo! Especialmente los the Zelda :3
alderion-al alderion-al Said:

Oh thank you so much dear, :3 HUG